About Us

Sullivans Distribution has years of proven experience in helping brands from small to enterprise, scale and succeed. From ideation to manufacturing, we save our clients money by simplifying the distribution process, assisting with licensing, navigating trade policies and red tape, and creating a tailor-made marketing program. Led by Founder & President Joel Fleischman, Sullivans Distribution and Brands has supported our clients in the tabletop and Indie game industry to launch and distribute their products with great success.

Meet Our Team

Joel Fleischman
Founder & President

845-218-0400 Ext: 201 joel@sullivansdistribution.com Location: New York

Chad Boyles
Brand Creator & Chief Creative Officer

614-350-1500 chad@sullivansdistribution.com Location: Ohio

Robert LaRocca
VP of Sales

845-218-0400 #202 bob@sullivansdistribution.com Location: New York

James Godwin
VP of Marketing & Creative Director

614-350-1500 #401 james@sullivansdistribution.com Location: Ohio

Ricci Guzzardo
Director of Customer Service & Logistics

845-218-0400 #203 ricci@sullivansdistribution.com Location: New York

Alexandria Campos
Office Manager

614-350-1500 #405 alex@sullivansdistribution.com Location: Ohio

Namtip (Diana) Laoriem
Social Media/Digital Marketing Manager

614-350-1500 #407 alex@sullivansdistribution.com Location: Ohio

Justin Vazach
Lead Graphic Designer/Game Designer

614-350-1500 #403 justin@sullivansdistribution.com Location: Ohio

Corey Godfrey
Lead Illustrator/Game Designer

614-350-1500 #404 corey@sullivansdistribution.com Location: Ohio

Henry Allen
Senior Writer/Game Designer

614-350-1500 #402 henry@sullivansdistribution.com Location: Ohio

Rebekah Miller
Lead Writer/Game Designer

845-218-0400 rebekah@sullivansdistribution.com Location: New York

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